10 Quick and Simple Tricks For Packing Your Luggage

Quick Packing Tips

One of the crucial parts of traveling includes packing. When you are packing, two things need to be kept in mind – first, you pack all the necessary things that you might need during your trip and second, packing should be light to meet the prescribed baggage weight rules of the airlines. So how would you ensure that?

Here we will give you 10 simple and quick tricks to help you save space in your suitcase.

        1. Pack things inside the shoes. Shoes are the best options to pack small things which do not fit into the toiletry bag. You can also stuff the socks inside it. All those who are traveling with kids can pack their kids’ shoes nicely inside their own shoes.


      2. Most of us fold clothes for carrying in the suitcase. But this not only gets creases on our clothes, but also does not optimize the suitcase space. So, the best way to pack clothes is to roll them from the bottom to the top into tight tubes and stack them neatly in the suitcase.


      3. When you pack heavy dress items like jackets, boots, jeans etc. in a suitcase, they take up a lot of space. Instead of carrying them, wear them while you travel so that you can fit in other stuff nicely in your suitcase.


      4. While packing, always put the heavier items first and then the lighter items i.e. heavier items should be at the bottom of the bag. It helps in compressing your bag easily into the overhead luggage bins.


      5. This tip is for all the girls and ladies out there. While packing your undergarments, first fold your bras into half and put your panties inside the bra cups. It will save you space as well as your bras will be in good shape.


      6. If you are carrying your sunglasses or reading glasses, optimize the space inside the specs case. There is always that extra space to fit in your ear buds or your charger. This will also help you to find these small things easily rather than digging through the bag to locate them.


      7. While packing shoes, it is a good idea to pack them at the bottom of the suitcase and near the wheels so that the weight of the suitcase is well distributed. This will prevent the suitcase from toppling over.


      8. If you have planned a quick trip, then a contact case is the best means to carry the liquid makeup or the moisturizer. This way you can avoid bulky packaging.


      9. This tip is specifically for the male readers. While carrying belts, wrap them inside the collar of the shirt. This not only saves space, but also helps in keeping the collar of the shirt stiff.


    10. If you are traveling to a humid area, carrying dryer sheets is a good idea to keep the clothes fresh. These sheets also repel the pesky insects. Moreover, you don’t need to carry the bug spray and thus save space in your bag.

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