5 Hairstyles Every Girl Should Try

Volumous Long Ponytail

Any outfit would be complete only when you don the perfect hairstyle to complement it. But if you are always on the run, you might not have enough time to work on your hairstyle. Here are a few quick hairstyles with no compromise on style. Try out these quick hairstyles now:

  • The perfect side swept ponytail:

A side-swept ponytail is one hairstyle you should learn and master immediately. It goes well with almost any outfit. It comes in handy on a bad hair day or days when your hair is frizzy and dull to be let loose. Brush and detangle your hair and sweep the whole of your hair to one side. Use a hair tie to tie up your hair in a ponytail. Partition your hair just above the hair tie and loop your ponytail through the partition and pull it back down. Tighten your hair-tie and tug it up a bit and voila! Your perfect side swept ponytail in few seconds! Optional – use Hairspray to tame the flyways.


  • French Bun:

Be it a formal outfit or an evening gown, French bun is a perfect choice to elegantly complement your outfit. Gather your hair and brush it to one side. Start twisting the hair upward. Keep twisting it till the end, neither too tight nor too loose. Once you reach the end, tuck the ends so that they remain well hidden within the twisted section. Use bobby pins to secure your bun and set it with a hairspray. This hairstyle goes well, particularly if you have side swept bangs.


  • Long ponytail without extensions:

If you wish to add some length to your hair, choosing extensions isn’t your only choice. Partition your hair horizontally because you would be making two ponytails one with each section. Tie the upper section of hair in a high ponytail. Make a low ponytail with the lower section of your hair. Adjust the low ponytail, such that the hair-tie remains well hidden beneath the upper ponytail. Spread out and brush your upper ponytail.


  • Braided bun:

This is another hairstyle that would be perfect for hair of any texture. Tightly braid your hair till the end. Use a thin hair tie to secure the braid. Roll it up into a neat bun and secure it with enough bobby pins. Raise or lower the bun as and how you feel to make it go well with your outfit and occasion.


  • Half-up bouffant:

What could be better than this classy 60’s hairstyle for a perfect evening outfit? Brush and detangle your hair. Remember that a bouffant stays well on a fresh and moisturized hair. Leave two moderately thick sections of hair on both the sides. Gather a section of hair roughly extending from the end of one eyebrow to the other i.e. above the occipital bone. Secure the section at the back with a claw clip. Alternately, you could also tie it up in a tiny bun. When you fasten this section, remember to push the hair upward a bit to have a perfectly shaped bouffant. Brush back the front 2 sections of hair and curl the ends if required. Finish it up with a hairspray to set the hairstyle.

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