5 Things You Can Do To Feel Better About Yourself

Better Self Esteem

There might be days you feel low. There might be days when lifting your spirits might seem almost impossible. On those days, it is essential to do things that can make you feel positive. Whatever be the reason behind your bad mood, the key is to never let your bad mood influence your personality. Here are a few things you can do to liven your spirits and feel good about yourself.


1. Start a gratitude journal:

Maintain a daily journal and keep jotting down all the good things that happen in your life. Every day, soon after you wake up, and right before you go to bed, write down at least 3 things you feel grateful for. It might be difficult in the beginning. When you start feeling grateful for the little blessings in your life, you will soon notice that your perspective shifts. You will start feeling more positive.


2. Have a hobby:

When was the last time you followed your hobby? When was the last time you sat down and painted, or read a book or did something that you really love doing? With the constant need to run in life’s race, you often forget that there is more to life than having a successful career. Not everyone is lucky to make a successful career out of his passion. But one should always make time to follow his hobbies. No matter what your hobby is, no matter how silly you feel it is, spare few minutes for it every week, perhaps during the weekends. Following your hobby can instantly make you feel good about yourself.


3. Stay physically fit:

Have a simple daily exercise routine. Learn yoga and start out with some simple poses. Yoga helps you connect well with your own body and mind. Meditation is another thing you need in your busy life. It makes you listen to your inner-self and leaves you feeling calm and composed. Hit the gym during your weekends and sweat out. Working out is a great option for an instant mood shift. Stay physically active and follow a healthy diet. When you stay physically fit, you start feeling more confident.


4. Travel somewhere new:

Travel is a great mood-lifter; this can be better understood only by experience. Even on those days that you feel depressed and broken, travel can work wonders. And especially when you travel to someplace you have never been to, your mind gets more new things to focus on. Research shows that travel boosts the creativity and the overall brain functioning. And, a travel sure can leave you feeling good and energized.


5. Have plans and checklists:

Always start your day with a plan for the day. Having a daily plan has several benefits. It helps you stay organized. It curbs the stress due to the piling up tasks. It helps you manage your time better. And by the end of the day, when you check off all the things you did, according to your plan, you feel great about yourself. You will learn to start appreciating yourself and trusting yourself better. Even if the tasks in your plan are the mundane daily tasks, when you look back and see that you followed your plan, it leaves you with a sense of achievement.

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