Benefits of Getting Extra Sleep

Benefits of Extra Sleep

There are several creative people who hardly sleep. Some people feel that sleep is a waste of time. But the human body is designed such that it cannot efficiently function for long without sufficient sleep. Sacrificing your sleep now and using that time elsewhere might make you feel successful, but in the long run, it would definitely take a toll on your health. Here are a few benefits of getting your much-needed sleep:

  1. Helps you stay focused:

Lack of sleep can eventually reduce your concentration. A good night’s sleep is required to help you stay focused. After each tiring day, your brain needs a rest too. It is true that your brain keeps working even while you sleep. But all day long, your eyes are under too much strain, so are your ears and your other senses. A good sleep can give those senses a break and help your brain refresh for the new day ahead.


  1. Stimulation of your creativity:

If ever you are trying to let your creative side take over, don’t do it after you had a bad sleep. Some extra sleep is all it takes to give a boost to your creativity. The brain can efficiently organize and reshape your thoughts when you sleep. That is one reason why if you go to sleep with some question in your mind you sometimes wake up with an answer that magically strikes you.


  1. Sleep makes you merry:

If you regularly sleep less, it might have a negative impact on your mood. Studies have shown that many people who have sufficient amount of sleep at night, stay merrier and have a more positive outlook on life. While those who slept very less, eventually became more irritable, and pessimistic.


  1. Good sleep lowers chances of obesity:

A recent research shows that people who sleep less are at higher risk for obesity. Lack of sleep sometimes increases the appetite. It also disrupts with the rate of metabolism.


  1. Fewer accidents:

Records show that many accidents occur mainly due to the driver being sleepy and distracted. Driving would not be easy if you hadn’t slept well the previous night. So, a little extra sleep is important both for your own safety and for that of the others on the road.


  1. Sleep well to avoid migraines:

If you are insomniac either due to some health condition or by choice, you are more likely to develop migraines at some point. Lack of sleep leads to headaches and migraines.


  1. Clarity of mind:

Just like sleep is essential to improve your creativity and your concentration, it is also required to make your mind clear. On the days you sleep less, you might have noticed that your mind is sometimes vague and it might make your decision making and your thinking process tougher.

Some extra sleep is essential for a healthy mind and a healthy body. It is the much-needed break your body and mind need to wind down, restructure and rejuvenate to grab the new day with more energy.

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