How to look good on a night out

Girls Night Out

People will stare, make it worth their while,” says Harry Winston. Night outs are the best times of life to dress up, drool, drink and have all the fun you ever need. The stunning looks will attract attention and honestly a flared dress without eyes flirting at you is not worth wearing. Enjoy the stare and brush it off with style and sophistication.


Fashion is Forever, Fashion is freedom, Fashion is fundamental and Fashion is for all.

Remember these 4 A’s for an ultimate fail-proof look on your night outs – Attire, Accessories, Attractive make up and lastly the most important of all- ATTITUDE


Let’s discuss the 4 A’s a little more:




The best part of the night out is to present your best. Attire is the first thing that is ever noticed by people around us. The choice of clothing plays a vital role. Understanding what kind of dress would look chic on you is the beginning. Invest some time in understanding the shape of your body and the styles that would accentuate the best parts of your body and most importantly, learn how to camouflage the parts that you don’t want to showcase. Playing with patterns and colors could come in handy. There are a whole lot of videos online that could give you these valuable information. Wear your best dress which fits you well and the one you are most comfortable wearing.




Accessories give you the statement look you want to make. They complement your attire and gives a complete look. The key thing is to choose the right accessory for your attire and occasion. Night outs do not justify a huge tote bag or a bulky handbag. Instead, choose an accessory that would complement your pretty dress, like shiny slings or statement purses. On the other hand, you can choose a bulky neck piece to add that glitter to your attire. Choice of neck piece, handbags and scintillating pair of shoes could define the real you. Be careful with the choices and sport a trendy look.



Attractive Makeup:

Makeup can work wonders. A well applied make up with proper products can brighten up your face instantly. Even application of makeup products, choice of colors to suit your attire and accessories too is important. A golden color mix on your eyeshadow with a golden colored statement purse can go together, even if you have no golden color on your dress. That’s just an example to match your makeup. There’s a whole lot of makeup tutorials to get you started with the basics. Be creative.




All your attire, accessory and attractive makeup would go for a toss if you don’t carry yourself confidently. The most important of all is the Attitude that you present. You should be comfortable and completely in sync with your dress and defining accessories.

Always sport a charming look and be ready to enjoy your night out to the fullest.


Have a fun filled and fantastic night out that you cannot refrain from recounting at your casual lunch five years from now. Make it memorable and meaningful.

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