Pieces of Clothing Every Girl Should Own

What a Girl Should Own in her Closet

It is true that a girl’s wish is to refresh her wardrobe according to latest trends. Yet there are a few essential clothing, which are building blocks of every girl’s style statement.

We tend to shop a lot on impulse, but barely put on. On the other hand, occasion after occasion, we dig out those quality clothing that look classy even after several uses.

When you begin to equip your closet, it will look like a huge deal. Later, you will slowly notice that it was actually a smart investment.


After immense research, stylists were able to create a list of ‘Must-Have’ outfits in every girl’s closet.




  1. Cardigans – These jackets are quite handy to either keep you warm or add a layer to your outfit. You can drape it over your shoulder or tie a knot around your hip or button up over a white T-shirt.


  1. Pure White Shirt/Tee – It looks trendy with jeans. Pair it up with a formal pant and you are all set for work or an interview. You need to be careful when you buy one, as it needs to stay white and not lose shape after being washed repeatedly.


  1. Black Blazer – Tailored blazer makes you look feminine. It can be matched with any outfit: skirts, jeans, trousers, or even cocktail dress. You just need to make sure it fits well.


  1. Jeans – Denims are for all seasons, just need to find the right one for you. It can be paired up with all most anything and makes you look casual and very comfortable.


  1. Black Leggings/Tights – It is a girl’s best friend. It helps to wear a short dress at ease; your legs look slimmer and also help to keep you warm during winter.


  1. Black Dress – Prefer to choose an elegant dress as the intension is to keep it simple. You could also add a little sparkle by wearing a simple jewelry to showcase your individuality.


  1. Trench Coat – It could come in handy if you have the tendency to oscillate in size. Pick up an A-line coat that can be clinched at the waist. It looks stylish with both jeans and suits.


  1. Printed Scarf – On a dull day, when you don’t have the energy to doll-up, a printed scarf over a simple T-shirt could save your day


Along with apparels, accessories like footwear and jewelry can be kept handy to complement your attire.

  • Belts – A fancy belt can give that sense of uniqueness in an outfit.


  • Footwear:
  • Flats are modish and comfortable.
  • A pair of black heels are a safe option for an evening gown or a cocktail dress.
  • Sneakers can save your heels and calves from pain when travelling over long distances.


  • Jewelry:

A piece of jewelry is always welcome. The hint of sparkle completes your look and puts a charm on your face.


These are few essential clothing is good enough to help plan your attire, around your daily routine. Just remember to keep it simple.



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