Top Autumn Clothing Trends In 2016

Autumn 2016 Fashion Trends

Fashion is ATTITUDE!!!


Autumn fashion 2016 is all about warm fabrics (furs – velvet), innovative designs (ruffles – reconstructed-jeans), bold prints (floral – animal prints) and young look (coats – miniskirts). Style gurus all over, are trying to light up the seasons with colors than falling back on the usual trend of black and whites.


  • Fabrics:


It is all about feeling warm and cozy. Autumn has always called for velvet and furs. This season is no different; the twist in trend is baroque style, famous for well defined curvy profile, smooth flowing lines and vibrant colors.

  • For a formal look, one can opt for velvet jumpsuits/pants paired with fur coat and towering heels
  • For a classy look velvet dress in bright hues, glitter hem, high boots and a simple metal jewelry is just apt


  • Designs:


Something new all of the time, is a concept on which the entire fashion industry thrives on. This season is all about ruffles – Complex design, frothy layers and elegant hems. Few designs that have paved its way back into the autumn collections are:

  • Cardigans with cascading layers
  • Multi-tier skirts
  • Dresses with ruffle trims

Though jeans are meant for all seasons, a little re-construction has put together a perfect fit. Embroidery on denim, denim flare pants are styles that have been in and out of fashion. It is definitely ‘good to go’ this season. Some trendy styles of this season are:

  • Denim fur coat
  • Denim skirts with velvet patchwork
  • Sherpa lined denim coat


  • Prints:


Animal prints have been always popular and this autumn its back with a roar. Leopard prints seem to dominate the fashion world. Anything from thigh scrapping coats, shoes or even a legging with animal prints are a sure head-turner.

The second option, which is more fun and safe, is floral prints. Blending floral patterns is definitely an art, just as a bag, scarf or a pair of shoes with these prints can add color, texture and brighten the mood.

  • A sleek silk gown with large floral prints and pleats can give you a glamorous evening look


  • Young/Chic Look:


This autumn is all about, comeback for a few styles. The 80’s looks of one shoulder dress, balloon sleeves, cross stoles and reefer/navy coats are back in the run. It is a season that promises drama, personality and sparkle.

Few tips to bare that carefree look:

  • An ankle length dress, denim overcoat and boots
  • Mini skirts with pleats, turtleneck top and a leather jacket

Caplets, is another outfit to look for. It is a new form of jacket that gives you the feel of a drape while beautifully exposing the layers. They work well around a sleek dress or a jumpsuit to give the retro look.


  • Accessories:


Shoes and bags are always fail-safe accessories. A constant trend seen this autumn are:

  • Boots of different length paired with denims, jumpsuits and dresses
  • Simple metallic ornaments to add an extra oomph
  • Animal print bags that help put up a bold look











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